Lyrics by Elaine Brown/A.M. Songs

Copyright – Elaine A.M. Brown


1:13      That was the time
I sat there and I tried to rhyme
I didn’t know just where to start
The words were lost inside my heart
The words were lost inside of me
My heart just couldn’t set them free


2:13      I tried to read
The words just couldn’t fill my need
The words just didn’t stand a chance
Remembered how we used to dance
Remembered how you held me tight
Remembered days, remembered nights


3:13      The lights turned out
I want to scream and kick and shout
I need you here, right here with me
The only one I want to see
Sit up once more, turn on the light
And think about this endless night


4:13      That was the start
I tried to calm my sad, sad heart
I tried again, turned out the light
But didn’t like the dark of night
I didn’t like the still I heard
I didn’t like my sad new world


5:13      The end of night
I thought the light was way too bright
I thought the day would have to start
without the beating of my heart
Got up and put the coffee on
and thought of us and what went wrong

I thought of you all through the night


And hope that things will turn out right


I just don’t know what I will do


while I think of you and think of you …………