So Into You


Lyrics by Elaine Brown/A.M. Songs

Copyright – Elaine A.M. Brown



He was such a throwback
from a different time
As he smiled at her
Said “Baby, what’s your sign?”

Said “Baby, love your eyes
They are just so blue –
Already I can tell
that I’m into you.”
Then he laughed out loud
Said “Baby, that’s not me –
I was just pretending
so you’d notice me

But it’s really true –
Love your eyes so blue
Baby, I’m not joking
I’m so into you”
So she sat there wondering
“Was he real or not?”
Guess he really was
because they tied the knot

They’ve been married now
for a long, long time
And they laugh when they
think about the time

When he said to her
“Baby, what’s your sign?”
And she laughed at him
and his pickup line


Now he smiles at her
with her eyes so blue …..
And she says to him
“I’m so into you.”
And he says to her
“I’m so glad you’re mine”
And she says to him
“Hey Baby, what’s your sign?”