About A.M. Songs

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Music for “We are Two, but Walk as One” and “Hello” composed by Dan Donahue.

Music for “If You’re Not Here”, “You’re Not Alone”, “He Says”, “Don’t Ask”, “Sometimes Wonder”, “Like Reba”, “Drive” and “3:03” composed by Tim Craig.

Why the name “A.M. Songs”?

Because hundreds of pop, blues, country and inspirational lyrics popped into my head countless nights between 1am and 6am.

Those nights I scribbled like crazy, trying to put words to paper before those complete sets of lyrics for multiple songs faded away.

Trouble is, I’m not a composer or a performer, so what do I do with them all?

I’ve registered some of these lyrics with SOCAN, and included them on this website.

If you need lyrics, I’m hoping you can compose and perform music for my endless words that appeared out of nowhere in the deep, dark night.

You can contact me at amsongsmb@outlook.com.

All lyrics on this website – Copyright – Elaine A.M. Brown