About A.M. Songs

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Music for “We are Two, but Walk as One” and “Hello” composed by Dan Donahue.

Music for “If You’re Not Here”, “You’re Not Alone”, “He Says”, “Don’t Ask”, “Sometimes Wonder”, “Like Reba”, “Drive” and “3:03” composed by Tim Craig.

Why the name A.M. Songs?

Because lousy sleepers (like me) have a choice to make, at whatever time we wake up in the middle of the night.

We can toss and turn half the night, and be really grumpy in the morning.

Or we can go with the flow, capturing lyrics, if those lyrics happen to be lying in wait, waiting for us to wake up.

I happily went for the 2nd choice.

My lyrics are registered

with SOCAN.

Copyright – Elaine A.M. Brown


You can contact me at amsongsmb@outlook.com.