Two Puzzle Pieces

Lyrics by Elaine Brown/A.M. Songs

Copyright – Elaine A.M. Brown

Two puzzle pieces fell into place
on the day we met and I saw your face
My eyes opened wide and it was so clear
You are the reason I’m standing here

Mind in an uproar, spinning around
I felt my heart begin to pound
There was no way I could walk away
on that crazy sunlit perfect day

Two puzzle pieces in a perfect game
Many years later, we’re still the same
We still go back to the place we met
And I still love you, for sure, you bet

Still sitting here, smile on my face
with my puzzle piece with the perfect face
After all these years, it’s still me and you
After all these years, I still love you

Two puzzle pieces, but no surprise
The second I looked into your eyes
I looked around and saw your face
and knew right then this was the place

You’re the puzzle piece

that’s meant for me…….