A Lonely Witch


Lyrics by Elaine Brown/A.M. Songs

Copyright – Elaine A.M. Brown


It was Halloween
and a lonely witch
was kind of restless
with a real bad itch

She was craving candy …..
She was craving fun …..
Thought she’d love to go
maybe scare someone …..

So away she went
looking to explore …..
as she grabbed her broom
and flew out the door

As she swooshed away
the door just slammed!
Though she hadn’t touched it
with her long green hands!

And the moon was shining
It was really bright …..
As she sailed along
on that spooky night

And we rubbed our eyes …..
Didn’t quite believe …..
As she flew by you!
And then flew by me!

As she turned the corner …..
she zoomed past me!
And drove her broom
into a tree!

Well, she jumped right up
Dusted off her clothes
Said – For goodness sakes!
Think I broke my nose!

So she checked it out

Said – It’s only bent …..

Then she flew away…..

Hasn’t been back yet!