Stayed Up Late One Night


Lyrics by Elaine Brown/A.M. Songs

Copyright – Elaine A.M. Brown


Stayed up late one night, at the very end
of a really good day, with a really good friend
She jumped right up and put the kettle on
and we laughed and talked till a quarter past one


We talked about change and all that we’ve seen
and talked a bit about what could have been


We talked about our friendship and about our life

We’ve both been lucky it’s turned out all right


We talked about our children when they were small
and talked about our children now that they’ve grown tall


We talked about books that we have read
that can make you stay up and not go to bed

We talked about music, how it makes us feel
and talked about what if – said – Come on, get real!


We said we’re amazed that we never fight
and we’re both pretty sure we could talk all night

We talked about friendship to the very end

and of really good days, with a really good friend