When I Grow Up


Lyrics by Elaine Brown/A.M. Songs

Copyright – Elaine A.M. Brown


When I grow up I want to be
A brave policeman, don’t you see
I’ll catch the bad guys really fast
You know that they won’t stand a chance

When I grow up I want to be
A ballerina who you’ll see
On stage, for everyone to see
I’ll swirl and twirl and you’ll watch me

If I could do just what I want
I’d climb a ladder to the top
And fight a fire and save the day
A firefighter would be okay

I think that I would want to teach
Check out your minds and try to reach
All of your thoughts and set them free
I think you’d learn a lot from me

I’d want to drive a real fast car
Around a track and be a star
I’d be the fastest you’d ever see
They’d hand the trophies out to me

A doctor’s what I’d want to be
If you fell down I’d stitch your knee
I’d operate and wear and mask
You’d all get better really fast

I think I’d want to own a store
Put out a sign above my door
Tell you there is a sale today
What would you like to buy today?

I’d want to sing and travel far
Like Taylor Swift and be a star
And everyone would hear me sing
And buy my songs and everything

I’d want to help you look real nice
Sell you some clothes at a good price
I hope you would appreciate
You’d look so good and feel so great

I know that I’ll be really smart
A lot of knowledge – what a start
A scientist, that would be cool
I guess we’d better stay in school!